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Wet-N-Wild Chi-Chi Can Cooler - Tactical Outfitters

Wet-N-Wild Chi-Chi Can Cooler

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Lets be honest. Boobs are amazing! Especially wet, slippery ones. But you cant just go around squeezing and grabbing any boobies you see (that's assault) Put these you can squeeze, pinch whatever you want. We're not ones to judge and we KNOW how much them fancy Adriana Chechik Fleshlights™ cost. 

Fits standard sized 12oz (or bottom half of tallboys) cans and most 12oz bottles. 

Made from 3mm Neoprene (wetsuit material), PU gel for the squeezable boobs.

Great for BBQs, picnics, tailgating, the beach, camping, poolside or just about anywhere else you like getting drunk at.


ART BY : @two_dimes

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