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Tactical Tailor's latest gen Malice clips, the new Fight-Light series: Same heavy duty construction and they won’t come unwoven even if accidentally unlocked. They’re not affected by extreme temperature changes, they will never corrode, and on this latest version now they’re easier to weave due to the non-square edges, significantly lighter, 15% stronger, and have a slimmer standoff. A tool (any that fit) is needed to disconnect and some users may find this to be a hassle, however with all pros and cons considered, MALICE clips have been our preferred PALS connection method for quite some time. Since slim and flexible, this makes kit installation fairly easy with no snags. Malice clips come in Long and Short sizes. Long being 3 PALS channels tall (5") and short being 2 channels (3"). The short Malice clips also have a 2nd pivot point and connection point to be able to sized to replace an ALICE clip. 

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