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Ripstop Cotton Face Mask

  • 750

The Need and Solution: S.O.Tech has realigned groups of our sewers to answer the call for Personal Protective Equipment in the Corona Virus Pandemic. Working with medical professionals fighting COVID-19, we designed a ripstop cotton mask with a double ply forming a pocket to hold a non-medically rated disposable filter. The pocket can also hold some models of N-95 or surgical masks made by other manufacturers. These washable covers are reusable. All masks include a metal nose contour piece sewn in and elastic over the head loops that are one-size-fits all. This elastic may or may not contain Latex. We encourage users to wash and dry masks between uses rotating them and changing filter inserts each time.

Double ply pocket triple pleat rip-stop cotton mask. Insert disposable fiber filter (3 included per mask). If refills not available, you can cut other materials such as coffee filters to insert

  • Mask are sold individually
  • Each mask includes 3 filters.
  • Each mask are individually packaged
  • For health and safety reasons mask are non refundable.

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