POV Mounting Systems The Judge Sport Mount (GoPro)


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Product Description

The Judge Sport Mount (GoPro) affixes your camera to the side of your weapon. It allows you to capture amazing pictures or video, down range or back at the shooter. The Judge features two interchangeable ends that allow for many applications. The Picatinny rail ends will fit a rifle or pistol with a very secure hold. The shotgun ends are ideal for mounting your camera on a shotgun, AR-15 buffer tube, fishing pole, compound bow, bike seat post or any other round surface. It is perfect for hunters, military, law enforcement, recreational shooters, paintball and airsoft players.

• Made in the U.S.A

• 6061 aluminum, stainless steel, and black hard coat anodized.

• Fits all GoPro models

• Comes with both Picatinny and shotgun attachment ends, and one camera mount.

• Shotgun ends are coated with protective heat resistant rubber to prevent damage to the surface it’s being mounted on.


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