Shadow Valley Weapons 5.56 SVCOMP


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Product Description

The SVCOMP was designed to do what other compensators do, reduce recoil and eliminate muzzle rise. The difference, however, is that we took our design beyond the needs of a recreational or competitive shooter. Keeping in mind the needs of patrolmen, servicemen, and operators, we added several features that put our product in the lead for professional use. No other muzzle device boasts such a utilitarian approach while maintaining appealing aesthetics.

Main Features
These added features are simply a bonus. The main concept and purpose is a perfectly balanced compensator that provides zero muzzle rise. Our goal was to produce an exceptional muzzle device, we just went a bit beyond our objective.

Additional Features

When engineering the SVCOMP, we took many things into consideration to ensure that our compensator would be suitable for any mission.

12 O’clock port void

The need to fire in the dark is a real possibility for many.  Therefore, the SVCOMP was engineered with a 12 O’clock port void. This causes the flash to disperse away from the line of sight allowing the shooter to maintain a constant visual on the target.

Glass Break

Maybe for most, a glass break isn’t likely needed, but for someone working a checkpoint or doing a felony arrest on a vehicle with tinted windows, it becomes a priceless tool.

Wire Cutter

Having wire cutters may be the quietest method for breaching a fence, but sometimes time is more valuable than stealth and rooting through a ruck isn’t an option when the gig is up.


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