Fight & Flight Tactical LLAMA Pack (Long-range Low-profile Adaptable-Mission Assault Pack)

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Product Description

The LLAMA Pack was designed to be a low-profile, multi-mission capable assault pack, built to be rugged enough for a year patrolling the Hindu Kush mountains, or to handle your next training event or hunting trip.

• 2100 cu in total volume
• Weight: 4.5 – 5lbs
• 13” wide x 20” tall x 6” deep
• Constructed from Mil-Spec 500D or 1000D Cordura
• All hardware Mil-Spec and Berry Compliant
• Jumpable version coming soon
• 2 compartments o Main compartment:  Hydration/ armor pouch  Hangers for soft armor or hydration bladder  Loop on pocket for mounting accessories  Hydration port o Front compartment  Specially designed for accessing contents from left, right or top  Ideal for loop-mounted accessories and holsters  Hydration hanger in the top of the pocket for alternate or secondary hydration bladder • Exterior Features and components: o Side slip pockets  PALS-faced for mounting pouches  Ideal for hiking poles, knives, axes, machetes o Pack Face:  5 rows, 4 columns of PALS on face • Extended loops on the ends for routing shock cord to contain loose gear  2 axe loops on lower face can be used for rifle barrels for muzzle-down carry (can carry up to two rifles in this configuration) o Tailgate:  7 rows, 5 columns of PALS webbing  Loop fastener for name tapes and patches  Pocket on rear for carrying longer rifles in muzzle-up position  Hydration hanger on rear can be used for alternate or tertiary hydration bladder (install tailgate upside down for this function)  Tailgate is removable, and secures to pack with 1” side release buckles and ITW Quick-Attach Surface Mount buckles  Additional tailgate configurations available soon (EDC, Gunslinger, and more!) o Removable Kidney Pad:  ½” orthotic foam padded  8mm antimicrobial airmesh for padding, ventilation and moisture management  2 rows, 6 columns of PALS webbing  Adjustable fit  Secures into main pack in a dedicated slot with hook and loop  1.5” side-release buckle secures belt o Shoulder Straps:  ¼” orthotic foam padded  8mm antimicrobial airmesh for padding, ventilation and moisture management  Web Dominators for commo cable and hydration tube management  Removable sternum strap o Back Panel:  ¼” orthotic foam padded  8mm antimicrobial airmesh for padding, ventilation and moisture management  Arm loops allow for the LLAMA to be use as an entry shield when outfitted with armor  Slots for internal frame stays, up to 1.5” wide x 15” long o Additional features  Shoulder straps secure to the back face as well as the top of the pack for superior strength, Which allows the top carry handle to be use as a casualty assistance handle  Elastic-covered hydration/commo port under drag handle • Available colors/patterns: o Multicam o Kryptek Highlander o Kryptek Typhon o Kryptek Nomad o Kryptek Mandrake o Black o Ranger Green (with black hardware, for that “retro” look) o Foliage Green o Coyote Brown o Liner available in hi-vis orange or tactical Tan 499

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